Pit your gladiator against a challenger in the arena; watch them fight to the death, and reap the spoils of battle

Enter a world inspired by mythical ancient Greece, where you can establish your house, hone your skills, fight, race, win, and see your name etched in the hall of champions for all eternity

Become an Olympian

Halls of Olympia is an immersive gladiator combat and racing sim, with an exciting core loop expanded throughout numerous game modes
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Chariot Racing

One of the great spectacles of Ancient Olympus, where victory is attained by any means necessary. Grab your chariot & use everything at your disposal to ensure victory over the other gladiators.

Gladiatorial Combat

Destroy your opponents, rise as a victor and become the warrior you were meant to be. A hardcore melee combat mode where the Gods reward those that overcome their enemies.

Evolving Olympic Games

Set atop Mt Olympus, enter an ecosystem of modular game modes centered around feats of combat and competition in the Circus Maximus and the Colosseum


Core Features

A free flow of digital goods and services
Hone your skills as a gladiator, become the master of the arena
Trade items with others and win battles to win prizes
An ever evolving ecosystem of games to conquer

Our Own Olympians

Lead Game Developer
Game design lead


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