Welcome to Olympus

Enter a platform-based gaming space that combines modular game modes, user generated content, and "socialfi" wagering, with ways to engage across multiple avenues

Become an Olympian

Halls of Olympia is a Platform Battle Royale that meshes various different modular games together, all set within the Arena. Raise your spear and participate in the glory of Olympia!
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Chariot Racing

One of the great spectacles of Ancient Olympus, where victory is attained by any means necessary. Grab your chariot & use everything at your disposal to ensure victory over the other gladiators.

Gladiatorial Combat

Destroy your opponents, rise as a victor and become the warrior you were meant to be. A hardcore melee combat mode where the Gods reward those that overcome their enemies.

Evolving Olympic Games

Set atop Mt Olympus, enter an ecosystem of modular game modes centered around feats of combat and competition in the Circus Maximus and the Colosseum


Core Features

A free flow of digital goods and services
Hone your skills as a gladiator, become the master of the arena
Trade items with others and win battles to win prizes
An ever evolving ecosystem of games to conquer

Our Own Olympians

Senor Yams
Game design lead


What is Open Economy Gaming?
Currently most games are closed economies, players are only able to buy ingame assets from the company store and these are stuck within their wallet gardens. An open economy is where players are able to have true ownership over their assets, free todo whatever they want with it.
Why use blockchain technology?
An open economy can be built using an open API but blockchains allow us to leverage billions of dollars worth of other party computation to enhance security for player assets. We are also using an eco-friendly way of accomplishing this.
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